The Rules behind Challenge Coins

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 | 10:05 am

A challenge coin is a coin or a medallion that carries the insignia or the emblem of the organization, and it is distributed to the members to prove their membership, while enhancing the morale of both the receiver and the whole organization. Traditionally, they are being kept by the members to prove their membership and their identity, as challenge coins usually signify all the hard work, the challenges, and the sacrifices that they have endured for the organization.

Challenge CoinsThere are, however, a number of challenges that are traditionally being executed in the military and the other organizations that make use of the challenge coin. A member of the organization would typically challenge an incomer to present his challenge coin and prove his identity and loyalty to the organization. However, it is important to note that the main reason for this type of challenge is to make sure that members of the organization are always carrying their challenge coin, especially as it signifies their identity and true kinship with the other members. Thus, they are being challenged as a way of giving the member an opportunity for him to prove his worth and his allegiance to the organization. It is a chance for the person to define who he is and what his true purpose is: whether he is for the group or against the group. For these reasons, challenge coins are usually distributed formally by the unit, the same way that the rules of the challenges are formalized, to demonstrate the true significance of the subject matter.

Meanwhile, the basic challenge starts with the challenger drawing out his coin and placing it on a table or bar. The coin can also be slapped to the surface, or it can be rapped continuously to initiate the challenge. However, if the challenger accidentally drops the challenge coin, then it is considered as intentional challenge to all that is present. With this, everyone who has been challenged should present their challenge coins, as it is a primary rule that members of the organization should carry with them their emblems whenever and wherever they are. If in case, the member fails to present his challenge coin, then he is bound to produce or buy a round or drinks for the challenger, as well as, everyone who is around and who carries with them their medallion. If, however, the person is able to present his medallion, then it is the challenger who should buy him a drink, as well as everyone else who has been challenged.

For the meantime, it has also been a custom that the challenged person be permitted to go “a step and a reach” for somebody else’s coin, in case the former has no coin to present. Thus, if a member is able to steal another member’s coin, then everyone should buy a drink for that specific person, even if it turns out that that member has no possession of his challenge coins. Thus, there is a chance for the challenged person to prove his identity, even if he has no medallion to present to the challenger. Still, it has been a rule that the person with the highest-ranking coin should be presented a drink by the entire group, as suited to his position or his ranking. On the other hand, if it is the higher rank who presents a coin to the lower rank, then all of the members who possess a lower-rank coin are presented with the challenge. Here in this sport, it is a question on who is able to present the medallion, when challenged by the other teammates of the organization. Hence, it is a question on who is able to face the challenge.

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Traditionally, they are being kept by the members to prove their membership and their identity, as challenge coins usually signify all the hard work, the challenges, and the sacrifices that they have endured for the organization.

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Pro Golf Apparel and Where to Find It

Monday, February 9, 2015 | 10:28 am

New golfers do not want to readily announce to the world that they are novices to the sport. This is easily done by purchasing and using golf apparel that are normally used by professional golfers. However, some of the nearest sports stores do not carry a complete line of golf clothing choices. This result in some apparel problems since clothing sold in pro golf shops are more expensively priced as well as having a limited number of brands.

It is considered to be better to shop around at various pro golf shops for golf apparel especially when fit is a crucial factor in the purchase. The main objective of some new and experienced golfers is to appear aesthetically pleasing in and out of the golf course. If these are primarily used for normal wear and not for the sport then it is recommended to take along a friend for another opinion before purchasing the clothing. Some golf inspired clothing recommended for purchase are sweaters, polo shirts, and dressy shorts.

golf apparelIn case some of the golf clothing offered in the nearest stores are not considered to be a good match to the individual’s style, then the best alternative is to shop online from official PGA websites. The advantage of buying from online stores is that numerous golf apparel collections are offered from regular outfits to those that have championship and Ryder Cup logos. Some of these championship souvenir and team licensed items are normally not sold at the nearest sports shop.

When buying golf apparel online, there are some suggestions that must be considered to prevent future problems when playing golf. One of the most important is to choose clothing that are not too tight or too short since it can decrease the comfort of the golfer. Remember that some of these golfers make use of moisture wicking materials especially during humid and warm weather. This is the reason why most golfers recommend the purchase of clothing that make use of absorbent materials such as cotton. The main focus will therefore be comfort and quality of the clothing since the objective is to remain comfortable during and after playing the entire golf course.

New golfers need to have a high level of commitment when starting to play golf. The main reason for this is that most of the golf equipment including the clothing are very expensive. The steep price is further worsened when the golfer plans to purchase good quality brands or those with the official PGA logo. This is where exhaustive reading is recommended by professionals since some golfers do not have enough to pay for the basic equipment. It is recommended to purchase the basic equipment first before purchasing supplementary golf items.

One of the most important decisions is the purchase of a good quality golf glove. It is because it primarily protects the hands from developing wounds due to repeated swings of the golf club. Purchasing gloves that have an established brand name is a good long-term investment for the golfer since these are durable and well-made.

However, the most important consideration when buying golf clothing is whether it complies with the dress code of the club. Most clubs have a dress code when it comes to golf with the most recommended are collared shirts and shorts or pants. If the club is located in an area with humid weather, then most of the clubs will allow the use of golf shorts. For clubs that are located at colder climates, then these clubs will strictly follow the use of pants and long-sleeved shirts.

Golf apparel includes the use of caps or sun visors since golf is normally played during the day. This is due to the fact that golfers will need to track where the ball will land for their next swing. Some golfers will even make use of sunglasses especially when they are more sensitive to sun blindness.

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The Impossible Task of Marketing Alone – Why You Need A SEO Partner

Monday, February 9, 2015 | 8:08 am

When you are setting up a website, you most likely aren’t think about how you’re going to market it. You’ll find that you can do a lot to make sure that you’re chasing the necessary updates to build a website, but you will need to do more than just set up the code, you will need to focus on building a lot of the elements outright. The more you focus on the different elements that seem to be pushing you in the right direction, the more you will see that you can easily fall short of reaching the intended glory. It’s easy to get carried away with internet marketing today, especially if you focus on working within the parameters of professional grade solutions. If you want to see your site rise to higher levels, you will want to seek out a good SEO partner to come through and deliver a better solution overall. The more you focus on the right pieces, the higher the chances are that you will gain market share over time.

What Happens When You Forget SEO

Search engine optimization is often times forgotten during the building and launch process of a website. The problems that are associated with this are going to manifest in a number of different ways. You’ll find that the issue becomes a matter of conjecture at first glance. You will find that your page will load fine, you will be able to see marginal gains here and there, but you will not be able to gain the right kind of leverage that you’d hoped to gain overall. The reason why you may end up seeing a drop in what you plan on working with is simple, you need optimization strategies. Without a good optimization strategy in place, your site will have a nice initial launch and then coast into a drop. The drop off of traffic will be your first indication that you need to work within the parameters of a different path of getting noticed online.

Getting noticed online is not something simple, it’s complicated, it takes time and will definitely take on a lot of different parameters if you plan on gaining any sort of leverage. You will not be able to gain market share if you focus on the wrong pieces, as you will find out when you have a good SEO partner helping with the heavy lifting.

The Juggling Act of SEO

seo partnerThere are a lot of moving parts that are in need of consideration when you’re working with this type of marketing. No matter how you slice it, you will end up focusing on a variety of different pieces when you need to move forward with internet marketing as a whole. Search engine optimization for instance, requires 15 to 20 different moving parts all working at the same time to see any sort of traffic generation. You may not think that this is a big deal, but when you break down the fact that content alone has 15 different types of options, you will see that this definitely needs a professional’s touch.

If you could in fact juggle the different pieces in the world of marketing today, you would find that there are still elements that could end up causing you a great deal of detriment. You shouldn’t allow yourself to be stifled by the processes needed to gain optimization leverage today. Instead, focus on building the right components, and work within the right pieces overall. The more you work on the right pieces, the higher the chances are that you will get noticed online.

The Social Networking World

There is one wild card that you have to consider when you are building links, working on a portfolio of influence, or working within all the parameters of marketing today. You will want to look at how your social networking influence is going. If you don’t have much of an influence in these pages, you are going to miss out on a captive audience that will help you get the most out of your internet marketing attempts. Social networks are not dead, they are not dying, you’ll find that there is a lot to look forward to and will definitely want to look into on a good overall plan forward. When you are able to create a good audience on these pages, you will start to see a heavy stream of traffic flowing to your site. If you aren’t careful however, you could end up being marked as a spammer, as many sites get hit with that issue.

In order to fight back, you will want to make sure that you work within the parameters of marketing glory that will allow you to befriend others in a simple manner. If you focus on the simplicity that comes with hiring a good SEO partner, you will gain a serious amount of market share overall. It’s just something that most people don’t realize is possible, and something that is definitely worth investing into. Take time to fully understand the weight of SEO as a whole, and you’ll realize that you can’t do it alone. You will need help, and it is evidenced time and time again by those that fail at DIY marketing.

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The Benefits of Purchasing Lanyards in Bulk

Tuesday, February 3, 2015 | 12:41 pm

One of the best ways to promote your product or business is by going for giveaways. When you choose to give away useful items that have your name or logo on it, people are more likely to remember your company and associate a good image with it. Some promotional items include mugs, caps, and t-shirts, but if you want something inexpensive yet stylish, you can’t go wrong with lanyards.

The primary function of a lanyard is for holding ID cards and passes, but these days, it can also be used to express one’s style. Whether a lanyard is given as a part of company uniform, a gift, or a freebie, it will be highly appreciated because of its practicality and design, provided that you choose the right colours and font face.

The Lanyard’s Functionality

lanyardsThere are many items that can be attached to a lanyard. Common, everyday items such as keys, pens, mobile phones, flash drives, whistles, a small pouch etc. can be hooked to your lanyard for convenience. They are also great accessories in conferences and seminars, and they definitely make awesome freebies in company events. As such, it is very ideal to purchase them by the bulk.

Purchasing by the Bulk

Ordering lanyards by the bulk is one of the most cost-effective ways of distributing promotional materials. Although you have the option to buy them by piece, you will get to save a lot more if you buy in bulk. The price of the items per piece will go lower, and since a lanyard is pretty inexpensive, you will also be able to reduce your overall spending.

The extra money can also be used to have more items ordered when needed. This will be very helpful especially if you are targeting more people in your event. This means that if you have more to sell or give away, more people will also be exposed to your organization, cause, products, or services. Since these accessories are highly visible, you get the chance to capture everyone’s attention especially if you pick the right colours and design. Thus, it can be a great way to establish customer loyalty and to attract other potential clients.

When you have an upcoming big event and you’re thinking what to give your target customers, you can definitely save a lot with lanyards. You don’t need a big investment to get started with the production. At a low cost, you can be sure that you will be able to give your clients something to remember your event and your company in a good way. You don’t have to cash out a big amount to make your clients happy. All they need is something that will remind them that you appreciate their support.

Purchasing bulk lanyards for your employees during a conference is also a practical way of making your organization known during the event. In addition, it will also be easier to find your team members in a crowd especially if your lanyard design is unique and distinct. Your lanyard’s design can actually even leave others with a good impression of your company after the event is over, so be sure to choose the colour combinations and the designs wisely.

Customizing Your Lanyard

If you are thinking of ordering lanyards by the bulk, you can trust The Lanyard Authority to give you the best deals. With a variety of materials, printing methods, and lanyard attachments to choose from, you can be sure that you will be getting high-quality items that fit your budget. They even offer free artwork, free custom logos, and free shipping anywhere in the US. Visit their website today and get a free quote for your business needs.

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History of Printed Circuit Boards

Tuesday, January 27, 2015 | 1:12 pm

The Printed Circuit Board is a kind of board made out of fiberglass or silicon. The reason behind the material is that the board should not be a conductor of electricity because electrical components will be attached to it. Attach here means soldering the electrical components on the board in defined spaces. The board would also be plated with copper as to provide the flow of the electricity. Most PCB fabrication involves drilling of holes or vias to be able to connect multiple layers of copper substrates.

The printed circuit board can be found almost anywhere now. They are found where technology is available. Usually, the PCB is used for laptops and desktops for its different parts such as the motherboard, graphics card and video card. Not only that, PCBs can also be found in modern cellular phones, refrigerators, coffee makers and even washing machines. Most electronics have multiple PCBs to control all the functions of the device.

PCB fabricationThe PCB fabrication methods today haven’t been around since the 1960s. In the 1850s, the forerunners of printed circuit boards were just a kind of a connection of electrical systems wherein electric components were connected using metal strips or rods. These large electric components were then mounted on wooden bases instead of silicon or fiberglass today. As the years passed, the engineers would no longer use metal strips, and instead, the screw terminals were connected by wires. They also no longer use the wooden base because of its density, so they used metal frames instead.

As the trend of gadgets became minimalist, the engineers had to devise PCB fabrication methods which would make the printed circuit boards smaller to fit the containers of the new electronics.

The term “printed circuit” was invented by Charles Ducas in 1925. He submitted a patent for using conductive inks to print a layout of electrical components into a board. The electric path will be printed directly onto the insulated surface.

In 1943, a man from United Kingdom named Paul Eisler received patent rights to the PCB fabrication method of etching on copper to a non-conductive board. Etching is the process of coating a board with resist image spray solution to dissolve the copper which is already placed on the board itself. During the time of Eisler’s invention, it was also the time when the Second World War was taking place. The US military used Eisler’s idea to build weapons using etching as a process.

It was during the 1950s when the transistor was invented. This is the device used to connect the electronic components to a switch to signal it to open or close the circuit. For short, the transistor is the electronic switch of the printed circuit board. Due to the invention of the transistor, Eisler’s patent was put into the commercial market. This is because before his invention, the electronic components were so big that there was no other way of attaching them to a board without the use of wiring and staples. When the transistor came out, the electric components were made smaller so that they can fit into smaller electronics.

In 1961, the United States Hazeltine Corporation patented the through-hole technology which is still being used until now. This PCB fabrication method involves the insertion of leads of the components into the vias of the copper layers. In the 1980s, the through-hole method was enhanced to plated through-hole technology to be conducive to electricity for the different layers.

These inventions led to the modern printed circuit board today and gradually, the printed circuit boards became smaller and smaller until the PCB manufacturing required the use of computer-aided software to design and build the board.

Pcb fabrication Multi Layer, Rigid and Flex PCB’s.

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